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There's A Hippo In My Cistern
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There's A Hippo In My Cistern
Author:May Pete (EN)
Language of a book: Английский
Language of an original book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    The hilarious true-life tale of one man's journey from self-confessed planet-killing lad to eco-friendly, green-crusader Dad set against the backdrop of Cool Britannia, Blair's Britain and the rise of the green movement.Back in the nineties, Loaded journalist, Pete May was your normal twenty-something male: a football mad, beer guzzling, Dr Who watching lad's lad, quite happy surrounding himself with countless pizza boxes, beer cans and other environmentally unfriendly consumer items. Recycling to Pete was a debate about whether he should turn his socks inside out and reuse them.Then one day, out of nowhere, along came eco bunny Nicola - a greener than green environmental activist. Could two people so different really fall for each other? Would Pete ever change his ways and sign up to the green lifestyle of composting loos, freezing cold houses, multiple jumper wearing, chicken rearing, recycling, cycling, energy saving and general self-sufficiency?This is the charming and funny true-life tale of one man's struggle to grapple with the good life, go green and get the girl.

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