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House of Testosterone
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House of Testosterone
Author:O'Donnell Sharon (EN)
Language of a book: Английский
Language of an original book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    Every woman has asked herself the question What was he thinking? at least once in her life. When you are the mother of boys, it seems like this question is on a continuous tape loop in your head. Humor columnist Sharon ODonnell knows this feeling. In House of Testosterone, she chronicles her adventures raising three sons and reining in her ber-male, forgetful husband, Kevin. She shares her stories of welcoming her third son into the world, resisting the gravitational pull of the guy zone, and running a household immersed in a world of sports, bathroom humor, and laundry. ODonnells spirit shines through as she struggles to find some me time or survive another comical family vacation.These entertaining episodes of child- (and husband-) rearing lovingly illustrate why Sharon calls herself Lady of the House of Testosterone.

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