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Spiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins
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Spiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins
Author:Hopkins Emma C. (EN)
A introductory fragment is available
Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    Delve deep into the eternal truths behind teacher of teachers Emma Curtis Hopkins ideas in this guide to harnessing your inner power to gain a greater understanding of the spiritual world around you.Learn 12 Simple Steps to a Better Life Committed to educating and helping others, Emma Curtis Hopkins pres-ented her teachings in simple digestible lessons: six lessons focusing on personal and internal development, and six directed at the world around us. Together these twelve lessons offer a clear guide for living a healthy, prosperous life. Alongside the original texts, Dr. Ruth L.Miller offers a modern interpretation of Hopkinss timeless wisdom through a twenty-first-century lens. Hopkinss logical process provides a bridge between the scientific method and the intuitive experience she calls high mysticism to forge a clear path to fulfillment. Rediscover the program that ignited the New Thought movement and begin to transform your own life.

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