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    World Scientific Series in Applicable Analysis (WSSIAA) aims at reporting new developments of a high mathematical standard and of current interest. Each volume in the series shall be devoted to mathematical analysis that has been applied, or potentially applicable to the solutions of scientific, engineering and social problems.This second volume of WSSIAA contains 34 research articles on numerical mathematics by leading mathematicians from all over the world. This volume is dedicated to the memory of Lothar Collatz (1910 – 1990) for his significant contributions to numerical mathematics.Contributors: G Adomian, E L Allgower, C T H Baker, B Beckermann, R W Brankin, C Brezinski, L Brugnano, J C Butcher, M D Buhmann, J R Cash, R Chapko, H-L Chen, Min Chen, I Galligani, T J Garratt, K Georg, I Gladwell, D Greenspan, C W Groetsch, E Hairer, P J van der Houwen, A Iserles, L Jay, K Kaji, A Q M Khaliq, M E Kramer, R Kress, Chun Li, D S Lubinsky, R M M Mattheij, C A Micchelli, J J H Miller, T Mitsui, G Monegato, G Moore, M Mori, M T Nakao, S P Nørsett, T Ojika, T Ooura, S Prössdorf, R Rach, Y Saito, M Sakai, T Sakurai, L F Shampine, B P Sommeijer, A Spence, H J Stetter, R Temam, K L Teo, V Thomée, D Trigiante, T Torii, E H Twizell, R A Usmani, D A Voss, J Walker, Song Wang, G A Watson, J Wimp, K H Wong, N-Y Zhang.Contents:Solution of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in One, Two, Three, and Four Dimensions (G Adomian & R Rach)Exploiting Symmetry in 3D Boundary Element Methods (E L Allgower et al.)On the Stability of Linear Multistep Formulae Adapted for Volterra Functional Equations (C T H Baker)RKSUITE: A Suite of Explicit Runge-Kutta Codes (R W Brankin et al.)Biorthogonality and Conjugate Gradient-Type Algorithms (C Brezinski)Tridiagonal Matrices and Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations(L Brugnano & D Trigiante)Runge–Kutta Methods for Neutral Differential Equations (M D Buhmann et al.)General Linear Methods for the Parallel Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (J C Butcher et al.)Iterated Deferred Correction Algorithms for Two-Point BVPs (J R Cash)On a Quadrature Method for a Logarithmic Integral Equation of the First Kind(R Chapko & R Kress)and other papersReadership: Applied mathematicians.Key Features:Covers state-of-the-art detection techniques and underlying theoriesAddresses topics of considerable use for professionals in medical physics, nuclear engineering, and environmental studiesContains an updated reference table set of physical properties

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