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    In the last few years, concepts and methodologies initially developed in physics have found high applicability in many different areas. This book, a result of cross-disciplinary interaction among physicists, biologists and physicians, covers several topics where methods and approaches rooted in physics are successfully applied to analyze and to model biomedical data. Included are papers on physiological rhythms and synchronization phenomena, gene expression patterns, the immune system, decision support systems in medical science, protein folding and protein crystallography. The volume can be used as a valuable reference for graduate students and researchers at the interface of physics, biology and medicine.The proceedings have been selected for coverage in:• Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP ROM version / ISI Proceedings)Contents: Analysis and Models of Biomedical Data by Theoretical Physics Methods:The Cluster Variation Method for Approximate Reasoning in Medical Diagnosis (H J Kappen)Analysis of EEG in Epilepsy (K Lehnertz et al.)Stochastic Approaches to Modeling of Physiological Rhythms (P Ch Ivanov & C-C Lo)Chaotic Parameters in Time Series of ECG, Respiratory Movements and Arterial Pressure (E Conte & A Federici)Computer Analysis of Acoustic Respiratory Signals (A Vena et al.)The Immune System: B Cell Binding to Multivalent Antigen (G Bhanot)Stochastic Models of Immune System Aging (L Mariani et al.)Neural Networks and Neurosciences:Artificial Neural Networks in Neuroscience (N Accornero & M Capzza)Biological Neural Networks: Modeling and Measurements (R Stoop & S Lecchini)Selectivity Property of a Class of Energy Based Learning Rules in Presence of Noisy Signals (A Bazzani et al.)Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia: fMRI and Working Memory (G Blasi & A Bertolino)ANN for Electrophysiological Analysis of Neurological Diseases (R Bellotti et al.)Detection of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Mri's with Neural Networks (P Blonda et al.)Monitoring Respiratory Mechanics Using Artificial Neural Networks (G Perchiazzi et al.)Genomics and Molecular Biology:Cluster Analysis of DNA-Chip Data (E Domany)Clustering mtDNA Sequences for Human Evolution Studies (C Marangi et al.)Finding Regulatory Sites from Statistical Analysis of Nucleotide Frequencies in the Upstream Region of Eukaryotic Genes (M Caselle et al.)Regulation of Early Growth Response-1 Gene Expression and Signaling Mechanisms in Neuronal Cells: Physiological Stimulation and Stress (G Cibelli)Geometrical Aspects of Protein Folding (C Micheletti)The Physics of Motor Proteins (G Lattanzi & A Maritan)Phasing Proteins: Experimental Loss of Information and Its Recovery (C Giacovazzo et al.)Readership: Graduate students and researchers at the interface of physics, biology and medicine.Key Features:This book provides a unique and editorially linked, impartial unified presentation of the leading theoretical models for quantum gases far from equilibrium, and at finite temperaturesIn addition to focusing on bosonic gases, this book also makes connections to related quantum gases and fluids, such as fermionic gases, atoms in optical lattices, as well as exciton and polariton condensatesIntroductory chapters make this book an essential, accessible resource to both graduate students and early researchers as well as established scientists, with individual chapters written and edited by prominent researchers in the field

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