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Потусторонний батальон. Том 2. Война за дружбу
Mrs McKeiver's Solutions
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Mrs McKeiver's Solutions
Author:Morgan Margaret (EN)
A introductory fragment is available
Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    In this second book, Mrs McKeiver is tested to the utmost, once again. She should be preparing for her second marriage, but has a lot of problems. Her son Clement is contemplating suicide. As his mother is marrying farmer Andrew Logan, he knows that things must change. Clement cannot face going up to live at Westerhome Farm. Mrs McKeiver has to let Clement make his own decisions. She knows his brilliant mind is being wasted, embroidering gloves for 5s a week. His only option is to work for Sir Lofthouse Small, JP and MP; the local landowner. She knows the man frequents London Molly houses, for sexual gratification with pauper boys and men. However she keeps her own counsel, fearing accusations of 'mollycoddling' her son. Meanwhile, she helps a group of pregnant women; two looking after the Parish House's old parishioners. She helps to re-organise the women's lives when the Parish House erupts around its abusing, dishonest overseer. As Mrs McKeiver races from one job to another, Edward's pregnant wife, Hester, is having increasing difficulty doing her job - cooking for the Reverend's household. Her legs and feet are swelling; she knows this is a bad sign. One thing Mrs McKeiver is pleased about is matching mysteriously pregnant Hester with Edward. Both, she can hear, are 'satisfied' in the bedroom, as she lives in the next door cottage. Just as Mrs McKeiver has sorted things out, there is a suicide to deal with and runaway boys to find. Clement is happy in his new post, until a final tragic death. "Timmer y'self," is her favourite saying, which is just as well.

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