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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World another lifetime
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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World another lifetime
Author:Cai Jun (EN)
A introductory fragment is available
Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    The second issue of latest serial "The memories of bat" by Cai Jun--Two unsolved cases in the 90's written by Cai Jun, what horrible secrets are actually hidden behind them?Cai Jun presents affectionate reading of the latest serial "The memories of bat".Li Ximin, the second issue of serial "Sister's cemetery".A melancholy elegy for women being hurt and insulted.Shen Xue (from HK), the author of "The eighth pawnshop" and Ge Shuyi, a young writer from Shanghai jointly offered novel of two cities --"Male Doll" and "Puppet" with a same theme of different voices."Rainy Days" a masterpiece by Shukawa Minato, the winner of 113th Japan Naoki Prize, displays the deepest abnormal love."Earrings" in the special column of Zou Zou, a young female writer and editor of "Harvest" magazine.Guess this time, the ordinary earrings in the girl's hands belong to whom?Little red hood, mermaid, the wolf is coming... nowadays; these familiar stories are completely subverted. Do you like black fairy tale? Xiang Wu, the author of "Black fairy tale", is to challenge your perception over fairy tale.Moreover, the top 60 selected works of the 2nd "Meeting in Shanghai, post-90 Original Novel Battle" and recommended by Shanghai Writers' Association and "Sprout" Magazine.Listen to the inner cry from a new generation of post-90 writers!More wonders are in this issue of "Mystery world: another lifetime"

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