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Power Questions to Build Clients for Life
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Power Questions to Build Clients for Life
Author:Sobel Andrew (EN)
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Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    Use the power of questions to deepen and grow your client relationships The right question can shift a conversation from the analytical to the emotional, from the details to the big picture, and from the past to the future. The result? Deeper client knowledge, more intimate relationships, and a clear understanding of how you can add more value. Power Questions to Build Clients for Life shows how to use strategic questions to implement nine essential clients-for-life strategies. You ll learn: How to select the right clients to begin with Growth strategies to broaden your relationships Techniques for building personal relationships with your clients Powerful questions to help you connect in the C-Suite Ten questions you must ask your clients every year in order to assess your relationship health Power Questions to Build Clients for Life gives you both the strategies and the key questions to develop trusted partnerships with your most important clients.

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