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The Boss, The Beauty And The Bargain
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The Boss, The Beauty And The Bargain
Количество страниц: 9
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Язык книги: Русский
Издатель: HarperCollins
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    THE FORTY-EIGHT-HOUR-FIANCE…When Livvy Farrell asked her boss to masquerade as her fiancee for the weekend, Conal Sutherland was more than willing to further employee relations. He'd long been envisioning schemes that moved Livvy from her desk and into his bed. Now Conal could kiss the black-haired beauty to his heart's content and, well, there really was nothing engaged couples didn't do.Sounded like a no-risk arrangement to this shrewd bachelor, who'd rather think about mergers and markets than the forbidden "M" word. By Monday morning, this disheveled and thoroughly distracted man knew otherwise. Uh-oh. And now his highly enterprising employee had another proposal for him… .

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