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“And you drove it through the ventilator.”

“And it turned upon its master at the other side. The snake was angry, so it attacked the first person it saw. In this way I am no doubt responsible for Dr. Grimesby Roylott’s death, and I cannot say that I am very sorry about it.”


1. Answer the questions:

1. What did Holmes and Dr. Watson do after they got into the house?

2. How long did they have to wait for Dr. Roylott to start acting?

3. What did Dr. Watson hear and smell after a long wait?

4. What did Sherlock Holmes do after there was a hissing sound?

5. What did they see in Dr. Roylott’s room?

6. Did Sherlock Holmes come to the correct conclusion at once? What put him on a wrong scent at first?

7. When did the idea of a snake occur to the detective?

8. Was Sherlock Holmes sorry about his role in the affair?

Think and say

1. Why did Dr. Roylott’s pet bite him?

2. Why wasn’t Sherlock Holmes sorry that he was responsible for Dr.Roylott’s death?

2. Find the following phrases in the text and reproduce situations from the text with them. Give Russian equivalents.

1. to follow smb / smth

2. it is for the best

3. to be ajar

4. to let smb know

3. Paraphrase the underlined parts of the sentences so as to use the phrases above and from the previous parts.

1. My companions walked down the road and I walked after them.

2. It is very good that the exam is in a week, not in two days as we thought before. We’ll have more time to learn.

3. The commercials were shown before the film.

4. Lily could hear what her parents were talking about because the door was not quite closed.

5. The police told Robert they would tell him the cause of his brother’s death after some tests.

6. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson couldn’t speak even quietly. They waited in absolute darkness and silence.

7. Before her death Julia Stoner couldn’t speak because she was feeling terrible pain.

4. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases above and from the previous parts in the correct form.

1. The manager… Alice… that she would work at the weekend.

2… that the ambulance took him to hospital. He has been ill for months but refused to see a doctor. At last a doctor will examine him.

3. The front door… and it was quite cold in the hall.

4. Everyone likes to give advice but very few like…

5. Brian and Eve didn’t… anybody… about their… They wanted it to be a secret. They would tell everybody after their marriage.

6. Some cars have stickers on their window “… me”.

7. – Why is there so much water on the floor in the hall? – The children came a few minutes ago and brought a lot of snow with their boots…

8… that he will do the work in time. He is so hard-working.


Список сокращений

a – adjective – прилагательное

adv – adverb – наречие

cj – conjunction – союз

int – interjection – междометие

n – noun – имя существительное

pl – plural – множественное число

prp – preposition – предлог

v – verb – глагол


accident n несчастный случай, авария, катастрофа

accompany v сопровождать; провожать

acre n акр (мера площади)

act v действовать, поступать, вести себя

action n действие, деятельность

adult n взрослый человек

adventure n приключение

advice n совет

affair n дело

against prp против, напротив

agree v соглашаться, договариваться, уславливаться

agreement n соглашение

ajar a приоткрытый, неплотно закрытый

alas conj увы

allow v разрешать

alone a один, одинокий; в одиночку

ambulance n машина скорой помощи; скорая помощь

among prp среди, между

anger n гнев

appear v появляться, показываться

approach n приближение; v приближаться

arm n рука (от кисти до плеча); рукав

arrive v прибывать, приезжать

art n искусство

attempt n попытка; v пытаться

attention n внимание

as adv, cj как; когда; так как, в то время как; в качестве

as if как будто

associate n товарищ, коллега; партнер, компаньон; v связывать

association n общение; союз; дружба


baboon n бабуин; павиан

band n 1. лента; 2. банда, шайка

beat v (beat, beaten) бить, ударять

behaviour n поведение

beginning n начало

believe v верить; считать, полагать

bell n звонок

bell-rope n шнур (от звонка)

bend v (bent) сгибать(ся), наклонять(ся)

beside prp рядом с, около

besides prp, adv кроме, кроме того

bewilderment n смущение, замешательство

bite v (bit, bitten) кусать(ся)

both a, pron оба

bridge n мост

bright a яркий; блестящий; способный, смышленый

boot n ботинок

burn v (burnt) гореть; сжигать


call v звать; называть

call on навещать, заходить (к кому-л.)

camp bed походная (складная) кровать

candle n свеча

cane n трость

care v заботиться; n забота, внимание

care for любить

carefully adv осторожно, тщательно

case n дело; случай

catch v (caught) ловить, поймать

cause v причинять, вызывать; n причина, повод

character n характер

ceiling n потолок

century n столетие, век

certain a определенный

certainly adv конечно

change v менять(ся), обменивать; n изменение, перемена

cheetah n гепард

church n церковь

clear a ясный; понятный

client n клиент

clothes n pl одежда

comic a комический

commercial n рекламный ролик

common a обычный; распространенный

commonplace a банальный, заурядный

companion n товарищ; компаньон

conclusion n заключение, вывод

connect n соединять, связывать

connection n связь

considerable a значительный, большой

consult v консультировать(ся); посмотреть

continue v продолжать

corner n угол

court n суд

cover v покрывать

crime n преступление

commit a crime совершать преступление