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Боярич: Боярич. Учитель. Гранд
Космос. Прошлое, настоящее, будущее
Кулинарные сюжеты деревенской жизни
Средняя Эдда
Занимательная история мер измерений, или Какого роста дюймовочка
Япония. Все тонкости
Убийство Джанни Версаче

Воронин Сергей Эдуардович

Роман в стиле "Гугл"

Sergey Voronin

Love story in the style

of Google

This is a real story began May 27, 2016. Man from Russia and a woman from the Philippines who both 50 years old. They met on the internet and fell in love. They did not know a foreign language. But the universal lan-guage of love and Google have helped them to realize their secret passion!



Honeyyy!! I want to sleep with you honeyy!!

Where are you honeyy???


Honeyyyy!!! Where are you? I want to nap..



Honeyyyy!!! Why???

I miss you honeyyyy

Honeyyyy!!! Talk to me please

Please honeyy


Where did you came from..


You are joking me again honeyy!!

Honeyyy....what are you doing honeyy?

Do you drink again???

Honeyyy!! If you not answer , i go to nap honey!

My baby! I miss you so much! Where are you now?

I do not drink, my love! I promised you! I slept before 21:00!

And you can call on Skype?

Ahahaha! My baby! You're scaring me these animals?

Honey! I will not give you sleep! I'll shove your tongue in your pussy! My finger in your ass! I'll start matsurbirate your two holes! Your pussy stanept immediately wet and you can not sleep! While my dick explodes in your pussy like an atomic bomb!

Why is my child so sad in the photo? I kiss all of you in the picture! Are you still sad! Who hurt you honey?

Honeyy!! I had so many mail you!! You did not answer me

I said i am hungry!

My love! I've been waiting a long time! And then I fell asleep!

You currently do not have customers? Can I call you on Skype? I have not heard your voice!

Honeyy... we have customer

My staff doing hair rebanding..it's take 5 to 6 hours

It will finish at 3:00 in this afternoon

Wow !!! Honey! Simply shave his head !!!

I already finish my turn i did her facial


If i do that no body comes to my salon honeyy

Shave her head and cut it with a wet cloth!


You are joking

Even I can work in your salon honey!

No..do not work here..sometime i got many beautiful lady


I did so many hairy waxing in their pussy honey

Well! And I wanted to come to you in Kalibo! I wanted to get to you in the salon! I wanted women to shave their heads! I wanted to make them awful! To me you're not jealous!

My specialty is make-up, waxing and beauty care..

My baby! I love your hairy wet fragrant sweet red pussy !!! I want to live in your pussy !!!!


Wow! I'm proud of you, honey!

Do not go to my salon!!!

How come i can not jealous you honey?

I will not go in your salon! there's too much shaved pussies !!! They distract me from my wet hairy pussy !!!



Honey! That you suck my dick !!!

I want it honeyyy


I also want to!

I kiss you

Hug me.honeyy

How can i escape here

I want to hear your voice also

I kiss your lips! I kiss your nose! I kiss your neck! I kiss below! I kiss your breasts! I suck your nipples! I kiss even lower! I kiss your belly button! My tongue reaches into your navel!

Honeyyy..you are seducing me..i become hot honeyyy


I Spreading your feet! Wow! Your pussy is beautiful! your hairy pussy always wants my hot dick !!! Your pussy has become wet! The thought that my dick is to fuck your cave!

I want to lick your tummy going down to your dick honeyyy

I want to lick your dick head..aaaaaahhh



Honeyyyy !! I like that

I wanted to suck and more lick


I lick your head dick like a lolipop candy

My dick has become hard as a rock! I lay on you honey! You eresh my dick and inserts it in your pussy! I pushed my dick back and began to fuck you very quickly and very deeply! You moan honey!

I lick more

your sweet pussy juice is flowing! The juice flows down my balls and my dick! I fuck you like a hungry dog! Your body is shaking! Your pussy is trembling! Your uterus shake off my dick! Your hairy pussy jumping like crazy!


I can not control..i want to go home


What are you doing to me..i become maniac to you honeyyy


Please fuck me deeply



Your ass is jumping like a ball! You dick pulls at you! Your cave bursting from my dick! You ask me, honey, fuck me deeper and harder! I fuck you very deeply and very much !!!

I feel i'm wet already honeyy .i got fever of love

Honeyyyy fuck me deeperrrrrr

I want to cummm

From the head of my dick juice flows straight into your womb! The uterus is happy !!! Have you scream honey! Your whole body is shaking like a string !!!

Honeyyyy.i wan to go home


I am hot hot hot hot

My dick in your pussy! My finger in your ass! I fuck you from both sides! The two holes! Your body trembles! You're go-ing to explode honey!


I feel to much wet

Honeyyyy..i want to shout...honeyyyy !! Fuck me deeper...i cum sooonnn


your pussy all wet! I fuck you! I fuck you very deeply honey! My dick rests in your womb! But you want even deeper! I try to come into your uterus !!!



Honeyyyyyy!! Please ........


I cummmmm

I cummmmmm


I fuck you baby! your legs on my shoulders !!! I try to enter very deeply into your cave !!!

I want to show you my pussy how to come but i 'm a shame honeyyy

Honeyyyy..i finishhh

I'll finish it in your pussy !!! In your wet red sweet pussy !!!

I run to my toilet room...ooooohh my honeyyy

You always make me hot so much hot

I love you honeyyy

What about you my honeyy

Did you cum?

Thank you my love ! I finished in your pussy !!! The whole body is shaking! My dick and eggs shaking !!! I love you very much my little girl!


I lick your head dick

Your sperm

I kiss your face, honey! You are smiling! Therefore, I am happy !!!

Homeyyy...you can call me honeyy...just a minute..i escape

ЛитМир: бестселлеры месяца
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