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Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Honeyyy!!!

Honey!!! I fuck you !!! I brutally fuck you !!! Your pussy will soon crack !!! Your pussy wet !!!! Your kklitor shakes !!!

Honeyy...please ..fuck me honeyy!!! Fuck me deeper and hard honeyyy..


Ooooooooohhh!! Honeyyy!!!

Honeyyyyy!!! I cum soon

I cum honeyyy

I cummmmm


I cum

Honeyyy!!! I cumm..honeyyyy

Your pussy completely red from my dick !!! Your ass too red on my finger !!! I fuck you from both sides !!!! You mastur-bate her clit !!!! Wow !!!!!! I will soon be over honey !!!! I came into your pussy !!!! In your sweet hairy pussy !!!

I am so wet!!!


I miss you honeyy

Yes!! We finished together with you !!! We'll fly you to God !!!! Wow !!!! Flew !!!!

I have happy feeling here honeyy

You are great honeyy

Honeyyy..are you happy

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks honey !!!! I am happy that you have menyach there !!!! My baby !!! I finished !!! Lick my cum !!!! I kiss your sweet lips in !!!! Oooooooo! My dick is shaking !!! My body is shaking !!! My eggs were shaking !!!

I lick your sperm honeyyy.

I lick your head dick

Wow!! Your dick is so great


Honeyyy..me i ask you honeyy??

Can honey!

What if your wife knows our relation? What will you do?

My love! I'm thinking that she did not know! Because the wife is busy with problems with her daughter and son-in Ca-thay !!! My wife was pleased that I give her the money !!! Because it is from 8 July will no longer work in the prosecu-tor's office !!!

I think honey... you should help your wife..i know you did it..why she do not work in july?

It is very hard for you honeyy..everything is in your shoulder honey

My 2 daughter is knows you

My love! Wife 8 July draws maternity leave to care for her granddaughter Vasilisa care! Did you forget that Kate will give birth in September, the two boys? In-law was not working !!! My wife will leave on July 8 in Barnaul! I'll go to Khabarovsk!

I see..i remember honeyy

I remember all your told to me..my asking only is ..what if your wife knows us later ?

I do not know honey !!! If she wants to divorce me, I will let her free!

Are you sure honeyy?

Are you really in love to me honey? Like me?

Yes, honey, I'm sure !!! But I think that she does not want to !!! wife is very afraid of old age and loneliness !!!

Yes honey!!! I love you very much! Maybe I love you more than you do me !!!


I lost hope that you are be my men later.. am sad

If you.ask me? I am ready anything what happen

My love!!! Do not think about the future !! You think about this !!! Maybe you will soon stop loving me and I already will not need !!! It happens often in life !!!

Honeyyy .

Honey!!! How do you know that you love me tomorrow? Only God knows !!!

I do not lost you ever.. i can not lost you..you are my life

Honeyy..you meant you are not sure your feelings for tomorrow..

You are my life, too, honey !!! I hope that you will love me always !!!


I am sure my feelings! I'm not sure of your feelings honey !! I've seen a lot in my life! I know a lot !!!

I always love you honeyy..I know my self.

What i meant to you recently.. i am ready , anything happen if partner knows us ..i ask him ..live me

It's fine honey! Because youis my gift from God !!! I just know it !!!

Many times i told him..let me free !! I want to be alone ..i want to be free..but he does not like it..

My love!!! No need to hurry up !!! You will destroy your family! You destroy the life of your children! Let us until we look to the future !!! our future is not clear !!!

No ..honey even before ..when you are not coming to my life..i wanted to be free from him

Even no other men in my life before.. i want honeyy


I go to the mountain in i live happily there

Honey!!! Let's think good !!! For example, you come to me to live in Siberia !!! Our climate is very heavy! You is south-ern woman !!! you are sick !!! If I come to you in the Philippines, I'll be there without a job !!! Who needs a Russian pro-fessor with Russian jurisprudence without the knowledge of the language?

I go with you if you want

Okay..i know..you have many problem..




Forget me

My love!!! Do not be angry!!! I'll be with you always !!! We'll figure something out!!! I am sure about that!!! God help us !!!

you act like a naughty girl !!!

Honey!!! You have a bad mood today !!! You decided to spoil it to me, too! I love you very much!!!! I tell you honestly say that at the moment I do not know how to solve our situation! And now you're crying! Crying princess of fairyland!

ПН 15:17

I think of you honeyy...only our sex here is your like not me

..it is okay honeyy

I wan to tell you ..i am ready anything what happen

But i am not ready to lost you

Where are you?

I do not have customer this afternoon.!! But where are you???

I always look my android to look at you on line!!


Вы пропустили звонок от Alice.

Понедельник 16:14



Honeyyy!! Hug me !!




My love! You have a bad mood today !!! Calm down! I'm at home!!! there is no reason to get angry and panic !!!! I love you!!! I do not want you to lose the honey!

Send me your photo! I want to see your face, honey!

Did you go to your hair dresser honey? Why hairdresser honey? Why you did not came to barbershop for the men?

My love! I already went! I have short hair !!! Now I will send you photos!

Honeyy..it is in my sopa photo ..i did not went to salon after my snacks, cuz i had a visitors recently

What are you my lovely girl !!!! How beautiful you honey !!!!

I love you very much my baby !!!! Do not Cry!!! Your eyes are sad !!!

Hahahaha..i have eye bugs because of you..am always crying..

Yes honeyy..me i see your hair honey?

Alice пропустил(-а) звонок от вас.

Понедельник 16:28


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Wow!!! My honey !! Looking good always

Honeyy..i can not answer your call..i am not alone.here honeyy..

If i am in bed.call me in skype honeyy

Thank you my baby! I cut his gray hair !!!

What ever you have gray hair honeyy..the only thing.i love you

My love! When you are in bed?

In sopa bed..in my living room

May be 8 or 9PM to night honey

I love you very much! I always worry when you're bad honey !!!

I know you miss me to see and talk in skype..also me honey..i really want it to see your face in skype

ЛитМир: бестселлеры месяца
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