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In my bed

My finger masturbate your clitoris !!! your clitoris become hard !!! Wet!!! Big!!! Your pussy is singing !!! My dick hammer cave like a stallion !!!! Wow !!!!!! Your body is shaking !!! Your legs are shaking !!! honey!!! I got you that you do not fall !!!!





Honeyyy..i can write...i got a feeling high


Wow !!!!! Honey!!! I finished !!!! Thank you my joy !!!

I lick your sperm honeyyy..i.lick your dick

My body is shaking !!! My dick is shaking !!! My heart would jump out of my chest honey !!!! Wow !!!!! How beautiful it is !!!

Aaaaaahhh! I really want yoy my honeyy

I love you very much my baby !!!

I love you too honey .i feel tired..honeyy..i cum so much ..i am so wet

Honeyy.can i sleep with you honeyy

Of course, my love!!! We sleep together only !!! My dick is sleeping in your pussy as always !!!


We are already finish..but i always miss you my honey

Honeyyy! I want to confess to you honey! About this morning ..

Are you there

I block you this morning honey because of my jealous again i did it...i go back to my handset after i think more than an one hour honeyy.!!! And i surprice!!! Very surprice!! I saw.your profile picture.. and i open your profile very easy ..I ask to my self , what happen ? I block you recently? Why it is not work?

Now i know honey..after you told me about your recently photo about holy father..i feel scary honeyy!! Maybe , or it is coencedence that God protect you

He does not like to block in my fb..

It is amezing honey!!


Are you sleep look at my new plant honeyy..i love it

Yes my love!!! God does not give you block me! I did not sleep!!! Now look at your plants !!! I also love flowers and trees !!!

I love you so much honey !!!!

I love you too ..honeyy!!!

Honeyy!! Do not forget..i am a very simple woman..

I am not rich


My love!!! I slept for 1 hour. Now I'm going to have dinner! You have eaten the honey?

My love!!! Here is the picture in full format! It can be clearly seen how God looks out for the sun!

Yes honeyy..

Not yet eat honey..current hour here is 6:24PM.... Honeyy!! I miss you

Hon..can i go to grocery now..


I went to salon and i close it..honeyy!!

I take shower and i go to grocery honeyy!! Can ?

You have the rain stopped honey?

Please honeyy!!

We have no stock of cotton ..shampoo inmy salon honeyy

Yes honey! The rain stoped this 2hours left hon!!

Can i go honeyy??

Can my love !!! I love you my baby !!! You do all you can !!!


Yessss...i love you honeyy!!

I go home in 2 hours ..i am home honeyy!!

Talk to you later honey!Ii kiss you!

Okay! I kiss you honey !!! The pussy !!!!!!

I'm home honeyy! Shall we eat [email protected]

My love! I'm coming at 8 o'clock at the meeting of tenants of our house! We solve the issue of changing the management company apartment buildings! Do not lose me, honey! I am hugging you!

Yes honeyy!!

My love!!! I'm home !!! I really miss you honey!

Hi my honey!!!



I miss you too...I 'm in my bed now..so much house work honey..

Good evening my baby !!! How is your mood? You're not crying?

I need to fix everything before i go to bed honey

This afternoon no honey!

This morning before i block you, I cried...

After 2 hours , I change my mind that's why i turn back to my handset in I wanted to unblock my honeyyy cuz i can not lost my honeyyy!!! But i really surprice as i said to you!! I saw your message in your profile photo you had message for me..wow! What happen i bock you but you did not lost in my fb?

Honeyy..I finish my house work already!! Where are you am in bed now!!

What happened to your meeting honeyy?


What are you doing honeyy?


My wife asked me to do the kitchen cabinet! I'm free !!! I am here for the honey!

And where is your wife honeyy?

Okay i just wait you..do your cabinet honeyyy...back to me later

I lie down in your bed! I hug you! I kiss you on the lips! I kiss you in the nose! I kiss you on the neck! I kiss you ....... below! Lower!!!


What are you doing me again

I kiss your belly! I kiss above .... !!!! I kiss your breasts honey !!!!



Aaaaaaahhh!!! Honeyyyy

I turn to hot..hot..hot

My tongue licks your stomach !!! Wow !!!! you're laughing!!! You tickled !!!!

Hahahaha..!!! Yes honeyyy..i have tickle inthe side of my belly

My fingers play the hair on your pubic hair! My tongue licks your clitoris !!! Your clitoris become solid red and sweet !!!

Honeyyy..come with me honeyy

I lick your dick honeyyy

Iwant to lick all honeyyy

I lick like a lollipop candy


We lie down in position 69! You take my red hot dick in your mouth !!! You suck it deeply !!!! Accord-ing to the most eggs !!! I lick your clit !!! I spread your labia! My finger came into your cave !!! In your wet hairy hot cave !!!

I lick your head dick like an ice cream candy

Wow !!!! Yes honey!!!! Lick my hot cream !!!

Honeyyy..iwant your hot cream honeyyy

I lick your 2 eggs honey going up to your head dick honeyyy!!


You move toward my ass tongue and finger !!! I am pushing my dick into your throat !!!

Ooooooooohhhh...aaaaaaaaaahhhh...so delicious my honeyy..hot cream

I suck your dick honeyyy

I suck deeper into my throat honeyu


Where are you...

You lick my balls !!! My egg became hard !!! Your pussy was wet !!! My finger touch your uterus !!! Uterus vibrates !!! Uterus flowed sweet juice !!!

I am so wet honeyyy

Honeyyy..please.fuck me honeyyy



You're asking me! Honey!!!! Fuck me pussy !!!! Yes my love!!! Your pussy is the best pussy in the world !!!! I will to fuck your sweet wet hairy pussy !!!!

Fuck me honeyyy

Honeyyyy..you so sweet and delicious..honeyyyyyy...i am so hot..hot hot..honeyyy..i need you

Honeyyyy..please i want to cum

I'm going with you! You take my dick in your hand !!! You stick my dick in your hot pussy !!! I very strongly pushed forward my dick !!! Dick entered the pussy on the eggs !!! You scream honey !!! I begin to fuck you !!! I fuck you like a hungry bull !!!

I peck your pussy !!! Your pussy is now snaps !!! I fuck your cave is very deep !!! According to the most eggs !!!

Honeyyy..i can not chat i am shaking



Wow !!!! My love!!!! I, too, trembling all over !!! I fuck your uterus !!! My dick went into your uterus hon-ey !!!! The juice from my dick pours directly into your uterus !!!!

You scream out loud !!! The juice of your pussy on our bed! On my eggs !!! My dick all wet from your juices honey !!!! Wow !!!! Soon we'll fly to God !!!!!! Together!!!!

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