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I do not like my body like a very big.belly

I want slim honey

My love!!! Do not worry about your body !!! I love you in any body !!! Lush! Thin !!! No difference!!! Pussy you have a great !!! Forever!!! I drank green tea with cake. My heart became a little easier !!!


Why honey? You have hearth ache honey? Hearth failure honey?


No, my love !!! Longing for you !!! Heart is normal for 52 years. So the doctors say.

I miss you so much! My heart is sad! And we have the rain! Small, drizzling, sad, almost autumn rain!


Wow !!!! Honey!!! I kiss your lips, your nose, your face !!!!

Do not sad...i feel sad if you sad honeyy

How beautiful are your eyes, my baby! How beautiful your lips !!! They have created for my hot dick honey!

Honeyy..if i started mail you...i had happy feeling and my body was reacted ..saddenly it's turn to hot hot hot..hahahaha...

Yes, honeyy !!!

My lips is created for your hot dick

Are you okay now.honey?

Yes, all right honey !!! I love you!!! I love you more today than yesterday, honey !!!

You have not working now.? I mean, house working? You have?

If you have house work honeyyy!! I'll wait you honeyy...

No, my love! I did not work today! I was engaged in household chores! Today I am a housewife! Like yesterday !!!



Give me 15 minutes

I 'll be back



I'm done...i did my job already..

I am here for my baby! Have you finished all the household chores?

I' m laying in my bed already

Yes honeyy!! I finish it very will

Wow! I lie down next to you honey! I'm naked! You is in his underwear! I kiss you on the lips! you take my dick in your hand and start to play it as a flute!

I finish my half bath and tooth brush my teeth..putting moisturizer in my face..everything i finish it my hon-eyy!!!

Hahahaha!! Yess

Honeyy!! I hold your dick honey

I started masturbate your dick ..while my lips and your lips kissing together

My love! What tune you're playing on my flute? I know ...... Our Jailbreak!

Our tongue playing like a snake and twirl honeyy

You are right honeyy

My baby!!!! Only you strongly to my dick does not blow !!! And then he burst !!!

Yeah baby !!! I'm ready!!! My dick has become like a stone !!!

I play our jealbreak honey

I started masturbate slowly and to tenderly little faster

I wat you to cum with me honey

I kiss your neck , your chest , your nipple And now in your tummy down to your dick

Wow honeyyy

I want your dick..

I lick your dick..tender and slowly licking

Wow !!! What are you doing honey? My dick is shaking !!! My eggs were shaking !!!! From head dick on your tongue pours juice!

I lick from the head dick and to the 2 eggs..licking and licking going again to your head dick honeyyy!!!

I suck your dick honeyyy

I can't wait

I want to suck faster

Honeyyyy...i see your dick like what i did to you now ..

Honeyyy..i want your dick honeyy

My dick in your mouth you to the throat !!! Your tongue licks my head dick !!! Wow !!!! You hand touching my balls !!!! Very gently and delicately!

I suck more..goes to my mouth ..deeper to my mouth into my throat


I'm so hot..hot..hot..honeyyy

My body shaking again honeyy!!!

I feel great..so horny honeyyy

I shoot with you cowards! We lie down in position 69! I begin to lick your pussy! My hand is masturbating your clitoris !!!! Wow !!!! your clitoris became a solid big and wet honey !!!

I reacted like a hungry dog honeyyy

Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Honeyyyy

I feel good everytime you lick my clit...honeyyyy

Yes my baby !!! I will to fuck you today as a hungry dog! The dog pose !!!

Your finger in my cave...aaaaaaahhh!!!!

I feel hot ..hot..hot..honeyyy

My legs and my feet an easy here honeyyy

I lie and suck your clit like ice cream! As a lollipop!!!

I am shaking honeyyy! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

I like that....

I like what you do to my clit!!!

Aaaaaaahhh!!!! Honeyyy!!!

The juice of your pussy is flowing in my mouth !!! I swallow your juice like nectar Hummingbird !!! Wow !!!! How is this delicious honey!

Ooooooooohhhh..i suck and suck your dick ..i n and out to my mouth honeyy..and now my tongue play your head dick ...i lick your hole dick honeyy

I suck your clitoris !!! I lick it like freezes! You scream honey !!! You bite my dick !!! Caution! My baby!!! You bite off it!

I play and twirl like an ice cream and also like a candy lollipop honeyyyy

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh.. I bite your dick .cuz i fee so sweet when you lick my clit honeyyy

I scream honeyyyy

All!!! My baby!!! I can not stand !!! I want to fuck your pussy !!! The dog pose !!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...honeyyyy!!! Honeyyyy....please fuck me honeyyyyy

Aaaaaaahhhh...honeyyyy!!!! Please.fuck me like a dog..honeyyy

I'm putting you in the position of the dog !!! I Spreading your ass !!! I lick your ass !! I shove my tongue in your ass! I stick my finger in your pussy! In your wet sweet hairy pussy !!! Your pussy is wet !!!

Honeyyy!!! Aaaaaaahhh..i feel sweeet . I want to shout honeyyyy....

I ca'nt write honeyyyy

I feeel so high honeyyyyy

Honeyyyyy...fuck me please.....

I am so wet..i feel i cum soon ..honeyyyy


I put my dick in your hot hairy pussy! I'm starting to peck your cave like a hungry dog !!! Wow !!!! You're all shaking honey !!! I love you very deeply dolblyu !!! According to the most eggs !!!! Ooooooooooooooooooo !!!! My dick hammer your uterus !!! queen shakes !!! uterus flowing juice !!! The juice flows down my balls on the bed!

Aaaaaassaashhhh...you fuck me slowly and to faster like a hun-gry.dog..aaaaaaahhhhh...oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh...honeyyyyyyy....i cummm sooooonn

Honeyyyyyyyy....i cummmmmmm

I cummm honeyyy.

Yes honey!!!! We came together !!!! Now we fly to the God !!!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!! How do I want to explode like a bomb in your pussy !!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling you give me honeyy ..always like this...

Honeyyyy I hug you I love you I embrace you I kiss your lips my hands hold.your chest and massage your 2nipples

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! I finish ....................

And say thank you honeyyy..for your love..your music...and most your love and understanding when i am jealous ..you always forgive me

I lick your hot cream honeyyy

More licking and to your head dick!!!

Thank you my baby !!! We came together !!! My dick is shaking !!! My body was shaking !!!! Wow !!!! How beautiful finish along with you!

Hhaaaaayyy....my honeyyy

How i can hold How i can touch.you How i feel you fuck me in real

How can i stop my tears!!!

My love!!! I'm not angry at you because I love you very much !!! Tyv played on my flute today the most beau-tiful melody honey !!!

How can i stop my dreaming to met my honey

My love!!! Do not Cry!!! Now I'll go take a shower! I need to wash my cum !!!

My baby!!! I'm already here!! Can I call you on Skype?


I use head set to hear your voice and only me hear your voice! Hon i can not see you in video!!!

Honeyyy..you off? Where are you?

My grandaughter nearby me. She is crying like me!

My daughter bring her daughter to my bed..

You saw me honey?

They stay here for 9months..cuz her husband back to work as a seamen also..yes i saw you honeyy!! I cried again honeyyy

I really miss you honey!

I want to talk to you But i can not talk it because i do not make noise!

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