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Baba Yaga

He had a grandfather, a woman, and he married another wife, and his first wife had a girl. Her evil stepmother didn't love her, she beat her, and she thought she'd be lime.

Since my father left somewhere, my stepmother and said to the girl:

– go to your sister, my sister, ask her for a needle and a thread – to sew your shirt.

And her aunt was a baba leg.

The girl wasn't stupid, she went to her native aunt.

– hello, Auntie!

– hello, dear! Why did you come?

– mother sent her sister to ask for a needle and a thread – to sew my shirt. That's her.

There you will be berezka in the eyes of the beating, and you will be covered with ribbons, and the gates will be creak and clap, and you will rend them under the fire, and they will tear you down. You give him ham. Go girl; here she comes, coming and coming. She's a crib, and she's got a baba leg and a weaves.

– hello, Auntie!

– hello, dear!

My mother told me to ask you for a needle and a string.

– all right, sit down.

The girl sat down for krosna, and baba-came out and told her employee:

– go, wash the bath and wash your niece, and look good; I want to have breakfast.

The girl is not alive and she is dead, and she asks her to:

– my dear! You're not going to burn the wood like that, you fill in the water, you wear the water, and you give it a

Baba-waits; she comes to the window and asks:

– do you mind, plemânuška, honey?

– Tku, Auntie, tku, honey!

Baba-yaga went away and the girl gave the cat a vetčinki and asked:

– is there any way to go?

– here's a towel and a towel – says the cat, take them and ubeži; you will be chased by Baba-Yaga, you will turn your ear to the ground, and as you say it is close, throw the towel at first. The Baba will cross the river, and it will overtake you, and you will turn your ear to the ground, and as you hear that it is close, drop the comb, become a dense forest.

The girl took a towel and comb and ran; the dogs wanted to tear her up – she left them bread, and they missed her; the gates wanted to slam – she slipped them under the feet maslica and they missed it;

Berezka wanted her eyes on her eyes, and she was ribbon her, and she missed it. And the cat sat down for krosna and weaves; not so much as a natkal. Baba-comes to the window and asks:

– do you mind, plemânuška, honey?

– Tku, Aunt, tku, honey! It's a rude cat. Baba-threw himself in the hatku, saw the girl gone, and let's beat the cat and scold her, why don't you give the girl your eyes.

– I serve you as long as the cat says – you didn't give me the bone, and she gave me the vetčinki.

Baba came on the dogs, on the gate, on the berezku and on the worker, let's all scold and bang. Dogs tell her:

– we serve you as long as you don't leave us. The Gates Say:

– we serve you as long as we do, you won't be able to slipped us, and she'll give us a maslica. " Berezka says:

– I serve you as long as I serve you, and I don't give a shit. The employee says:

I don't give you a gift, and she gave me a handkerchief.

Baba-yaga bone her leg in a hurry to sit on the stoop, the pusher Phil, the süpürge trail is sweeping up and the chase is in pursuit The girl crouched her ear to the ground and hears that baba-is being chased, and she is close, she took a towel and threw a towel. Baba-came to the river and was angry with her teeth; vorotilas' home, took her bulls and brought to the river; the bulls drank the whole river. Clean.

Baba-is in pursuit again. The girl crouched her ear to the ground and hears that baba-is close, left comb; it was a forest, so dense and ugly! Baba-began to bite him, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't get her back.

And grandpa already came home and asked:

– where's my daughter?

– she went to the aunt. – the stepmother says. After a while, the girl came home.

– where were you? The Father asks.

– Oh, Father! She says. And so, my mother sent me to the aunt to ask the needle to sew my shirt, and my aunt, Baba -, wanted me to eat.

– how did you leave, daughter?

– that's what the girl says.

Grandfather, as he learned all this, got angry with his wife and shot her, and he had to live with the dočkoû and the yeah, and I was there, and I was there, I was drinking, and I wasn't in my mouth.

Vacilis is Beautiful

In Some Kingdom, there was a merchant. For twelve years he lived in matrimony and had only one daughter who was beautiful. When the mother passed away, the girl was eight years old. When she died, cheka called for her daughter, took out a doll and gave it to her and said:

– listen, vasilisuška! Remember and fulfill my last words. I am dying and with my parental blessing I leave you with this doll; take care of it and do not show it to anyone; and when you have a grief, give her food and ask her advice. She'll tell you how to help her.

Then the mother kissed her daughter and died.

After the death of his wife, the merchant was potužil, and then he began to think about getting married again. He was a good man; he was not a bride, but he loved him more than anyone. She was already in old, had her two daughters, almost odnoletok Vasilisa, and the mistress and the mother experienced. The merchant married vdovuške, but he did not find a good mother for her Vasilisa. Vasilisa was the first in the village of beauty; her stepmother and sister were jealous of her beauty, tormented her with all kinds of work, so that she would lose weight, and from the wind and the sun, she was not even

Vasilisa all transferred, and every day, all lovelier and polnela, and yet the stepmother with the daughters of her weight and durnela out of spite, even though they were always sitting on their hands like lady. How did that happen? Vasilisa was helping her doll. Without that, where the girl is rainmaker with all the goddesses! But Vasilisa wouldn't eat, but the doll would leave the most tasty piece, and tonight, as she was all settle, she was in the cupboards where she lived, and potčevaet her, saying:

– Oh, doll, eat, my grief! I live in my father's house, I see no joy; evil stepmother drives me from the white light. Teach me how to live and live and what to do?

Doll Pokušaet, and then gives her advice and comfort in grief, and in the morning, all work is having for Vasilisa; she is only resting in the holodočke and puking the flowers, and she has ranges vypoloty and cabbage rained, and the water nanošena, and the oven vytoplena (chuckles) The doll will also show the Vasilisa and the weed from the sunburn. It was good to live with her.

A few years later, Vasilisa grew up and became a bride. All the grooms in the city are prisvatyvaûtsâ to the Vasilisa; no one will look at their daughters. The Stepmother is angry with the old and all the suitors answer:

– I won't give up her first! And by the groom, beatings displacing evil on Vasilisa. One day, merchant had to leave home for a long time in trade. Her stepmother went to the other house, and there was a forest in the woods, and there was a house in the forest in the forest, and baba lived in hizzie; she did not eat and eat people like chickens. She had a housewarming party, and then she sent for something in the forest of hated, but that always was coming home safely: the doll told her the way and did not go to the hizzie of baba-Yagi.

Autumn came. The Stepmother gave all three girls to the evening work: one made the lace sew, the other stockings knit, and the Vasilisa spin. Put the fire in the house, left only one candle where the girls were working, and she went to bed. The girls were working. Here's the chest on the candle; one of the mačehinyh daughters took the tongs to correct the svetil'nû, instead of the mother's order, as if by an accident and a candle.