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Professional communications among brilliant practitioners and equally brilliant scientists, who are working not on promotion of their citation rates, but rather on real practical problems, does not pass without a trace. Your mind, and then your conscience starts worrying about unfinished experiments, stated and unchecked ideas, unaccomplished affairs. You cannot get rid of thinking how it is simple to measure velocity of the ether near Earth, if you have precise apparatus measuring the magnetic field strength, and if you know where usually the ether "blows". The magnetic field "blows away" the ethereal wind. When you measure and calculate these by yourself, then debates about the reality of cosmic ether begin to cause bewilderment. Then you realize: argue those people who cannot experimentally reproduce the results by themselves or those, for whom the existence of cosmic ether is not profitable. Like the existence of alternative economic theories is not profitable for some economists. It's like a peculiar self-protective reaction of personal professional status or, as well, like self-admiration. There are other reasons for disputes that are sometimes far from the search for truth.

Thus, the authors of this book did not waste their time on arguing the issue that cannot be proven by general considerations – about the reality of cosmic ether, and about its properties. There is neither the detailed knowledge that is usually addressed in books issued earlier by the scientific center.

This are provisions telling about existence of ether vortices of left and right spins, on impact of cosmic ether on our history, cycles of such impact, of empires’ stages of development in accordance with cycles of cosmic energies, about the essence of gravity-spin energy, about its connection with the electromagnetic energy and with a certain arrangement of planets, about transfer of ether energy to Earth through pathways of Void, about the physiological, biological mechanism of perception these energies by the body, and etc. If certain assertions of this book will seem to readers insufficiently clear and evident, then we suggest to read materials published earlier by scientific and educational centers of "Biryuch" and "Bemkon". These materials are cited in the book.

We either do not waste time fighting with opponents of cosmic ether concept. Once, Poincare shrewdly and slyly noted: "It is not so important for us, whether the ether actually exists – let the metaphysics argue over it; what is much more important for us is that everything happens as if it existed, and that this hypothesis is convenient to interpret various phenomena. And eventually, if we have other reasons to believe in existence of material objects themselves? Belief in their existence is in the same manner only a convenient hypothesis». (Poincare, Science and Hypothesis", 1902). Poincare expresses a quite thoughtful reasoning. You can simultaneously resolve scientific problem and avoid conflicts harmful to scientific research. Otherwise, the conflict will take all your forces. It is the way enthusiastic practices work. Mainly silently.

Representatives of new physics, admitting existence of the ether, are divided into those who are passionately fighting for their ideas, and who quietly and modestly works practically.

Chapter 1. Electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic cosmic energies, and their relation to factors of economic growth

Electromagnetic energies are primarily related to solar activity in the electromagnetic range. Non-electromagnetic energies are in the first turn represented by vortex energies. It can come from space in the form of ether vortices, be radiated by Sun and come out of Earth.

1.1Vortices of cosmic ether on Earth and attributes of their change

For several years, authors of this article communicated and worked with the founder etherodynamics, professor V. Atsukovsky. He was obsessed with the idea of cosmic ether. So that surveys of employees of a large Russian holding company by the psychological and psycho-physiological methods (EEG – electroencephalography) have agreed with discussions with this ingenious person. And it somehow turned out that results of psychological research were glanced through the ideas of etherodynamics.

For example, Atsukovsky introduces a scheme of spread of cosmic ether streams on Earth. It reflects places of higher and lower pressure of cosmic ether.

Distribution of the ether wind pressure around Earth by V. Atsukovsky

Psycho-cosmic energies and economic growth - _0.jpg

Source:  http://ether-wind.narod.ru/glava22.htm Ether wind: problems, mistakes, and issues V. A. Atsukovsky // Ether wind. Collect. of papers/Edited by В V. A. Atsukovsky. – M.: Energoatomisdat, 1993. – 288 p.


And here comes a map of places with the most intensive terrorist attacks.

Let us compare zone of growth of irregularities in ether density on Earth with places on the map, which marked in the intensity of terrorist attacks. We see that they match each other.

Psycho-cosmic energies and economic growth - _1.jpg


We note, that this zone includes in itself both an area of low density of the ether and an area of unstable pressure. The bigger number of terrorists attacks was made in the areas of unstable, changing ether flows.


Atsukovsky assumes that the Earth’s rotation slows down or accelerates also because of changes in the density of the ether flows, and not only due to changes of attraction forces of Moon and planets.

These relationships have been studied (N. Konuhov, 2016a, 2016b, 2016c). They have shown a connection between the density of the ether, more precise – its properties – and various indicators of mankind development: movement of stock markets, rate of economic development, alcohol consumption, people's health, mortality because of unnatural causes, etc.

In new physics, theory of the etherodynamics defines a system of signs when Earth is entering denser layers of the ether:

– Reduction of the electromagnetic activity of Sun, reduction of the voltage of its magnetic field;

– Reduction and even "jitter" in the form of "butterfly" of the magnetic field of Earth.

– Lowering the temperature on Earth due to the effect of cosmic ether vortices (these vortices usually have the lower temperature inside lower than the temperature of environment). During large emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and heat flows from human activity it has become a less reliable tool for measuring the density of the ether flows. But in the past (minimum of Maunder) it was a fairly accurate tool for measuring the energy dynamics, density of the ether flows, and gravity-spin energies. Currently this feature can be replaced by lowering the temperature of the Sun's surface.