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  As a result of a magical ritual, the soul of Russian President Vladimir Putin moved to Stalin's body on may 30, 1942. How the President of great Russia will use the situation and knowledge of the future to turn the course of history. As it turned out, even Putin is not easy in the world of world war II, and a web of cunning intrigues and conspiracies.

   In Russia, the President of the Great,

  Proud of Putin country...

  Stopped naval he the wild,

  The Motherland has blossomed again!

  Crimea came to us voluntarily,

  The Caucasus Calmed Down...

  Flying Russian Sokol at ease,

  We are perfectly unvarnished!

  After all, so many new buildings,

  A powerful team has rallied!

  Will not the boys of deuces,

  We laziness and cowardice will win!

  When we have a ruler,

  Russia as the eagle, and Superman!

  You Democrats dogs don't lie,

  Sam has been beaten more than once!

  We climbed the planet's pride,

  The tricolor flag flies everywhere...

  We will submit soon space,

  And Earth is beyond measure the best!

  For the Motherland of Holy Russia,

  You are the wisest of leaders...

  Diamond dew sprinkled,

  With a sword who will be the one - smash!

  Fatherland as a torch in the heart,

  Take good care of him..

  To success have opened the door,

  Trampled to shame the enemy!

  The time will come and Russia,

  The universe will conquer...

  And the leader is Vladimir: our Messiah,

  Forever will be: the sword and the shield!


  A black, tall, looking young woman was dancing by the fire. She was almost naked, only hung with various beads and amulets. Two men in tuxedos sat on a makeshift bench and watched. A woman danced in front of a colored portrait of a man. Like and not too remarkable: middle-aged, with a punching bald spot, at all not handsome. But this man was the most influential politician in the world. And the CIA was willing to do anything to get rid of him.

  The famous sorceress performed a special ritual. On both sides of her dancing, strongly tanned, but blonde very young girls. They were, read naked, only beads covered luxurious hips, and high breast.

  Famous, African a sorceress, used for impact ancient and very effective magic.

  The man in the coat whispered incredulously to his companion:

  - Don't you think George isn't serious?

  Higher subject more than confidently replied:

   We already checked! This lady is really able to knock a person's soul, and at any distance. So it's worth the money!

  The agent said in disbelief:

  -Why is she blonde?

  His companion replied confidently:

  - To create a difference of potentials biologicheskih! However, the New year is near and we all know! This enchantress agreed to get the money after the job was done!

  Agent fairly rubbed his hands:

  - Genius!

  And one black woman, and four white girls kept dancing. Their bare, graceful legs left beautiful marks on the sand. The girls danced and repeated the spells after the witch. No doubt the girls are very beautiful. They don't even know what they're doing. They were told it was just a movie.

  And in fact ... a sinister ritual Is performed to extract the soul from the body and transfer it in an unknown direction.

  Here are the bare feet of the girls and flashed. And beating the drums for dark-skinned boys.

  George observed with a grin.:

   Yes a strange way to eliminate a political rival, but... It's no worse than others, and most importantly, we got nothing to do with it!